Reader Opinion: Minnesota's pipelines


I recently attended a meeting where it was implied that pipelines are contaminating northern Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and groundwater, as part of the argument made by those opposing the replacement of Line 3. And yet, they also claim that the lakes and rivers in northern Minnesota contain the most pristine fresh water found in the state. Proving their argument seems very conflicted. Pipelines are not polluting our sacred waters. Pipelines have crossed Minnesota since 1949.

We all love the lakes and rivers that northern Minnesota has to offer and recognize the value they bring to the state. In addition to tourism dollars, it offers a lifestyle that includes hunting, fishing, water sports, and other forms of recreation. Nobody wants to see an oil spill, so replacing an aging pipeline should be an easy conclusion to arrive at.

From what I understand, the company can keep operating Line 3 safely, but at what cost? The line is projected to need extensive repairs over the next 10 years which will disrupt landowners and communities, in addition to the added risk of a failing, aging system. Is this a solution that is to protect our lakes, rivers and communities?

Replacing an aging pipeline with state-of-the-art technology seems like the appropriate thing to do to protect the public. This will be a private, multi-billion dollar investment in the state of Minnesota. Let’s stop making excuses and further the process by getting the new pipeline built.



Rusty Lilyquist

Former Cass County Commissioner


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