Reader Opinion: Mitt hits the clan


It was so refreshing to see one U.S. senator using some serious backbone while voicing a little independent thinking. Mitt Romney eloquently stated his religious reasoning for voting against the party line, against a president, against his Republican colleagues and just speaking his simple truth. Trump is furious, McConnell is mad, the party wants to exile him and I couldn't be more pleased with Mitt Romney's moral decisiveness.

Removing Trump would have required 67 senators to find him guilty. That was never going to happen so why didn't a few more senators show a little moral courage and vote what they actually believed instead of what the party wanted them to do. This is exactly why Washington is so screwed up today because neither Democrat or Republican dare to practice a little independent thinking which may rub their party "leadership" the wrong way. Well, one of the flock got away.

Mitt in 2020!

Louie Hoffmann


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