Reader Opinion: More government land grabbing


It has been reported by this newspaper that Governor Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison have decided to reverse the position taken by every preceding administration until now on the issue of the correct size of the Mille Lacs Ojibwe tribal land.

This plan, if allowed to go forth, will do much to advance the agenda of these two socialists.

First, this new, expanded interpretation of the Reservation has the potential, in my opinion, to eliminate many privately owned businesses along much of the southern end of the lake. Or it may force owners to now negotiate with the tribe for their own property.

Second, it would place that same, large area under federal jurisdiction via the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

And, Presto! Just like that, the socialists have done away with private property and expanded the reach and all-important control of the government.


Walz, Ellison and the left have no shame in pursuing their agenda. Of course,they will always claim it is being done to help or protect some victim group.

It is just scandalous on so many levels.

What’s most scandalous is how they will create another victim group to exploit in their own lust for control.

I only hope the indigenous people who think they are being helped realize that they are being used by socialists who are merely, once again, only pretending to care about their lives.

If Native Americans think the Trail of Tears was the greatest act of injustice against them, just wait until they see what the left will do to them this time.

All of you who consider yourselves victims, please wake up. You are all being used as patsies.

With the socialists, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always about control.

Tony Bauer



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