Reader Opinion: No housing shortage

Don't let another historic building be demolished in Little Falls

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The Friends of Hurrle Hall are so glad that we have two parties that are wanting to purchase Hurrle Hall, a beautiful historic landmark in Little Falls, and make apartments and affordable housing. It would save the Franciscan Sisters over $1 million in demolition costs. Little Falls City Council made a hasty decision and voted to approve a demolition permit on Hurrle Hall. The city says that it needs housing, but their vote shows otherwise. The sisters wanted someone with a significant real estate track record and one of the parties has 40 years of experience and built over 100 apartment complexes, including Riverwood Pine Apartments which was the original Holy Angels Academy in Belle Prairie and the Buckman Building in Little Falls. This should fit the bill. People don't believe what is being said about a housing shortage in Little Falls and the council vote on June 20, 2022 shows there isn't. Most people would appreciate this majestic building. Please don't let another historic building be demolished like the Dewey Radke House on the west side. For more information see Friends of Hurrle Hall Facebook.

Richard Maciej

Little Falls

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