Reader Opinion: No obscenities allowed

Flags featuring obscenities should be removed.

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I was amazed and disappointed in the content of the article in the Sunday, Jan. 9, Dispatch regarding obscenities displayed on flags on Memorywood Drive in Baxter. My first thought was why would anyone stoop so low as to display a flag with the โ€œFโ€ word next to a public street? Secondly, I wonder why it has not been removed. I am not concerned about the political message but the vulgarity. If we become complacent and allow this behavior to continue, in essence we are saying itโ€™s acceptable. We then become culpable โ€” meaning itโ€™s now our fault. Do we really want to portray this behavior as being alright? Not me.

In the movie "A Christmas Story" young Ralphie slips and utters the โ€œFโ€ word while helping his father change a tire. He is promptly brought home and has his mouth washed out with soap. My recommendation regarding these flags is to have the city remove them. If this doesnโ€™t happen, the council members should have their mouths washed with soap because they are now culpable.

Gary Niemi


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