Reader Opinion: Not funny

Some businesses are openly ignoring the face mask mandate.


If it were not so serious, it would be funny, the signs that a few local businesses have up on their doors. These places apparently do not want to encourage their employees and customers to wear the masks which all health professionals advise us to put on in public to slow the spread of COVID. The signs say that if someone comes in without a mask, an action that endangers employees, and other customers, store management will not question their action, often citing the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, in one case citing the 5th Amendment. Before quoting the Constitution it is a good idea to read it. The 4th Amendment protects us from searches and seizures of our homes, cars, businesses, it does not have anything to do with wearing a mask. The 5th Amendment gives us the right to remain silent if accused of a crime, it has even less to do with wearing a mask. I suspect that the geniuses posting these signs got them off of some wacky internet site.

All joking aside, places that do not care if customers and employees wear masks are putting their own customers and employees in danger, they are helping COVID spread, increasing the already too high death toll. Why, because they apparently cannot be bothered to ask their customers to follow state law and wear a piece of cloth on their face for a few minutes. I, and I expect all of you, know people who have died from COVID. It adds insult to injury to know that some of those deaths happened because some of our fellow citizens did not take even the most basic steps to slow the spread of this disease, no one should die because someone else does not want to be inconvenienced.

Ed Shaw


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