Reader Opinion: Not going away


With the Crow Wing Power (CWP) Board Election completed, we, the CWP Accountability Group, are grateful to candidates Gary Bakken, Loren Bielke and Bryan McCulloch, those who voted for them, and those whose financial support of our group helped to fund their candidacy. While Gary and Loren fell just short, we noted a huge increase in the number of votes cast from prior years, which is a strong message that members agree — change and accountability are needed at Crow Wing Power! We aren’t going away. We believe that co-op members deserve to be told the truth, and our group continues to have many questions about the co-op management team and operations. Other co-ops are finding ways to hold safer annual meetings despite COVID-19 concerns and allow owner/member input, as required by co-op bylaws. Why isn’t CWP doing so? Large sums of money were spent on advertising for board candidates that support existing management and management practices. Where did that money come from?

CWP’s chief financial officer is leaving their position. Will the board insist the replacement be someone who works for the best interests of the members/owners of the Co-op or continues the status quo? Why isn’t anything happening with the Emily mine? How much additional co-op money is being spent on it, and why hasn’t the board rescinded the royalty agreements that will pay executives millions? While we are grateful to the few board members who continue to ask questions and act on behalf of members/owners — will the others join them? We are looking to add new members and secure additional funding to help with our work to insure accountability. Information on joining our group and/or donating can be found at or on facebook at “CWP Accountability Group.”

John Ward, Baxter

Tim Quincer, Baxter

David Winkleman, Brainerd


Gary Bakken, Breezy Point

Loren Beilke, Brainerd

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