Reader Opinion: Not protecting us


I’ve expected the flag waving Republican Party would bring corporate fascism to the U.S. ever since Reagan was president. It’s here now and you can see it in the influence of big money on our court system and Congress where a corporate puppet will vote against a bill that is supported by more than 70% of their constituents. Then, when they retire as a multi-millionaire, they go to work for the same corporation that financed their elections.

What I did not expect was that the party of life, as the Republican Party likes to call itself around election time, would turn into a death cult. You can see it in their relentless drive to protect Wall Street by “opening the economy” and “sending our kids to school” despite scientific evidence showing that until we gain control of this virus there is no chance that the economy will rebound. You can see the death cult as it tries to starve people who work for a living into going back to work before it’s safe and then give immunity to the company who fails to provide a safe workplace.

They have even gone to the extremes of opposing the wearing of masks despite the overwhelming evidence that wearing a mask is a crucial step in slowing the spread of the virus and bringing back the economy. Talk about “entitled.” It just doesn’t get more entitled than to refuse protecting your neighbor or even your family by refusing to wear a simple mask.

John Reynolds


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