Reader Opinion: Nothing is being done


I wanted to write something for the paper this week so I scanned the papers, magazines for a topic that might be interesting. Maybe I should write about yesterday’s blood baths in Texas and Ohio by mass shooters. No, that’s old business and if you just wait a day or two there will be more. If we wanted to do something about these shootings we could have but we don’t want to and I only say that because it’s been going on for a long time and nothing has been done and nothing will be done.

Maybe I should write about Greenland melting and the seas rising but there again it's not a problem we can solve, given our government’s leaders who would have to initiate a solution, if there is one, and he’s just calling it a hoax and his followers nod their collective heads in agreement.

Maybe I should write about drug overdoses because more people died yesterday from that than our vigilante shooters killed in their shooting sprees so let’s keep things in perspective, huh?

Maybe I should write about the tariff wars and the farmers not being able to sell their crops so the other tax papers will just have to subsidize them and meanwhile your Christmas will just cost a whole lot more this year and even though most economists predict rough times ahead the man at the top says nothing to worry about.

No I’m going to write instead about last night when my wonderful friend and I went and sat in the town square and listened to music we grew up with, sung by an entertainer while we ate pizza and ice cream and engaged with old friends in small town America. See there’s some good if you just know where to look.


Mike Holst


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