Reader Opinion: Nystrom for the 8th


On your mark, get set, hold it! Who is that coming around the track into her second lap and behind us supporters poised at the starting block? It’s Quinn Nystrom! Her winning experience on Baxter City Council provided her more training and conditioning to where she is today, running for our 8th District U.S. House! She continues to out-pace her competitor as she answers questions of who she is, her beliefs, listens to the people and vows to create legislation that will bring results to Minnesotans!

Of young people I’ve gotten to know, Quinn is out in front! I have kept “track” of Quinn since her junior high days! She’s ambitious, knowledgeable, and politically unencumbered! No SuperPAC funding! A faith anchored and authentic runner candidate!

Let’s all get out of the bleachers and on track! Vote! And vote for Quinn Nystrom!

Mary Tyler


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