Reader Opinion: One nation under God


One nation to me implies agreement. I am not sure that America has ever been in agreement since our Founding Fathers framed our Constitution. But I am almost certain we are nowhere near what they had intended for America to be. They fought for freedom, we rolled over and let the Supreme Court dictate from the bench what we could and could not do.

For all her faults, America is still the land that I love. I just wish we could come to a place where we all agreed to do what is right and best for everyone. But then we can’t have it both ways. Pro-life and pro-choice cannot coexist. Religious freedom is one thing, freedom from religion is another. I respect a person’s right to believe or not believe, just don’t take away my rights because they offend you.

An observation, not an indictment! “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians, you are not like him.” Indian philosopher Bara Dada is credited with making this statement. If it weren’t so true I would take offense at it.

The very word “Christian” means “Christ like.” Christ must suffer from a multiple personality disorder because there are so many different reflections of Him throughout the world.

Even in the same church, you will find major differences. I don’t understand it. I would think it would be easy to be a follower of Christ, but I have found it is sometimes more like being on a battlefield fighting amongst ourselves.


And we wonder why no one wants to come to our churches or learn about Christ.

Kat Beireis

Pequot Lakes

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