Reader Opinion: Only ourselves to blame


I am watching, horrified, by my country's steady march toward autocratic rule. The "rule of law" which has sustained democracy through all of our trials is being decimated by President Donald Trump.

He declares himself above the law by virtue of errant interpretation of the Second Amendment. He encourages armed supporters to "liberate" states during a serious pandemic. He has decimated the DOJ and tainted the entire legal system. He has fired inspector generals, responsible for holding federal agencies accountable to the public, essentially for doing their jobs. He has rewarded his donors and cronies with government contracts, subsidies, unprecedented deregulation and tax breaks. He has sought to politicize the military by virtue of military display during Washington, D.C. peaceful protests. He relentlessly attacks mainstream media as "fake news" and "enemy of the people" while filling the air with his own lies and propaganda. And, because "truth" is the enemy he fears most, he has banned it from his administration and from his lips. This administration has essentially taken the necessary steps that lead to autocratic rule and the destruction of this fragile experiment called democracy. It is happening while we watch. We have only ourselves to blame. We can depend only on ourselves to save this fragile experiment. Our future depends on how far we allow this to continue.

Marian Severt


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