Reader Opinion: Our presidency

The American presidency, one of democracy’s former great political institutions belonging to “conservatives,” “liberals” and to all beliefs, has been plundered and fouled by its present occupant through his venomous threats, incendiary bombast, any-means-to-his-ends scorched-earth behaviors, targeted abuses of people of color, women, the disabled, minorities, immigrants and all those who he designates as “other” to him.

It is from America’s national house that this infantile bully alternatively channels The Godfather or various dictator/best friends, reigning by his instinctual generation of fear, threats of reprisal, corrupt “values” and the docile, emasculated subservience of a formerly great political party.

“Institutions” matter. When all else is gone, they remain -- if they have not been previously gutted, holding our political DNA, commonly accepted practices of living together and the maps of our understood routes from the summers of our collective community lives through the dark winters which may beset us.

Like the nuclear winter of now.

People of all faiths, whether “conservative,” “liberal” or any variation of political belief, should clearly and unconditionally repudiate this aberration, doing so now and in November 2020, knowing well that the “eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is bad, your whole body is filled with darkness.” Matthew 6:22 – 23.


The Trump presidency is “filled with darkness.”

Through the desecration of his bankrupted presidency -- repetitively enabled by spineless leaders of the former Republican party -- this charlatan shrapnels American life with the evil darkness of his racism, the heightened, continuous civil conflict he agitates for, the calamitous, widening effects of his relentless attacks on truth and ethics, and the resulting toxic shards of a former great democratic institution, our American presidency.

John Erickson


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