Reader Opinion: Out of control spending

A large majority said “No” to more spending but it is like the Staples-Motley School District is punishing the public because they did not get their way.


Residents in the Staples-Motley School District have recently received their statement of proposed taxes for 2022. If you are like me you were shocked by the almost doubling of the school district taxes. This comes after a second school referendum failure. A large majority said “No” to more spending. It is like they are punishing the public because they did not get their way.

Somehow after many years of complaining they could not get more money for maintenance and other actual needs, they are suddenly able to approve $28 million in new spending. Supposedly only $14 million has a direct tax impact. I am not sure what miracle is paying the remaining $14 million other than a $6 million dollar contribution for the “community center” like addition to the elementary school by the nonprofit Lakewood Health System. Note that the community center project was also rejected in the 2019 referendum.

I want to encourage everyone that is concerned with this tremendous tax increase and out of control spending to attend the school board meeting at 6 p.m. on Dec. 6. Our voices need to be heard or the school board will continue on this reckless path.

Ronald Nypan


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