Reader Opinion: Out of heaven


It's not complicated, if the mullahs and sheikhs want the U.S. military out of the Middle East the solution is very simple. Those countries simply need to behave themselves, be kind to their people, their neighbors and the rest of the world. So that brings us to the Soleimani episode and how little kindness the U.S. extended to him, but then again.

Is it just a coincidence that Soleimani's appearance and the embassy protest occurred within days of each other? Was it Soleimani's hand that orchestrated the protest from nearby as evidenced by the orderly departure of the protesters? Why was an Iranian general, a U.S. targeted terrorist, parading about in Iraq as if on vacation? Was he invited into Iraq by the Iraqi government? If he had an Iraqi military escort would he still be alive? Did the Iraqi government know an Iranian military commander was operating covertly in their country? Why is the Iranian militia (Soleimani's creation) in Iraq and protesting at our embassy? Why wasn't the Iraqi military safeguarding the American embassy? Where was the voice of the Iraqi government during the embassy protest? How many other proxies of Iran are operating freely in Iraq besides their top general -- Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda? Could Israel possibly be the target goal? After a total American troop withdrawal how long before the cry for help echoes from the Middle East once again?

Do you get a sickening feeling that 4,500 military deaths and 32,000 wounded have been wasted in a part of the world where God's word has been so twisted that thousands of innocents are being terrorized, tortured and murdered in his name? God is love, from love comes peace, from peace comes knowledge, from knowledge comes empathy, from empathy love returns. Comprende?

Louie Hoffmann


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