Reader Opinion: Paying the price

We all pay the price for Joe Biden's actions.

Stack of newspapers on a laptop computer.

What a shallow spiteful little man Joe Biden really is. Thousands have streamed across the southern border and not a whisper that they may indeed be carrying infectious diseases. But a tennis player who is not vaccinated is denied entrance to the country. The spiteful little man could reverse the injustice, but he won"t.

The vengeful little man has released his huge tax and spend budget throwing more gas on the inflation fire. He could negotiate with people who oppose it, but he wonโ€™t. Not what a spiteful politician does.

But he certainly will lie about the economy while millions struggle to pay the energy costs that have skyrocketed under his absurd policies.

And he lies about food costs that have also skyrocketed under his watch.

Alas, we all pay the price for his actions.


G. Boehmer


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