Reader Opinion: Pick Ruud in the primary


The Primary Election on Tuesday, Aug. 11, is important and is the first step for Republicans defeating Minnesota's far-left, liberal Democrats.

Republican endorsed Sen. Carrie Ruud has stood up against DFL Gov. Tim Walz un-democratic power grab that he has maintained since March. Governor Walz and the DFL-led House of Representatives have worked together to deny you a voice at the capitol.

Thankfully, we have senators like Republican endorsed Carrie Ruud and our fellow Republicans in the State Senate who voted repeatedly to restore our form of government and your voice in St. Paul. Ruud has represented her district and our state well, and we look forward to sending her back for another term in the Senate.

I encourage you to vote for Republican endorsed Sen. Carrie Ruud in the Primary Election on Aug. 11.

Jennifer Carnahan


Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Minnesota

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