Reader Opinion: Poor procedures

Has the Brainerd's poor planning and poor procedures contributed to problems?

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I have sued the city of Brainerd. I have contested a tax assessment of $1,700 with respect to the Buffalo Hills Lane road project. My property is 500 feet from Buffalo Hills Lane. I have appealed my case to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Minnesota law is clear, the cost of a city road improvement project is to be borne by all city taxpayers unless a property increases in value on account of the road project. There is no right to assess a property because a person is now able to drive on an improved road.

Taxing a few is discriminatory. I agreed that all city taxpayers should be taxed for this road project even though the state of Minnesota paid the city for this road project an amount exceeding the assessed amount. Yes, the city double dips. Most likely I will discuss this discrimination subject, income tax issues and the subject of the city’s use of a biased real estate appraiser in future letters.

I commenced my litigation because the residents of the city deserve better. Currently, the city has policies and procedures totaling 3 ½ pages. Being 3 ½ pages there are virtually no procedures or policies.

The city should be embarrassed. Three and-a-half pages! The city council voted to assess the Buffalo Hills Lane project when no one had made the determination that any property had increased in value. Poor procedures are what cost the city the $3.9 million judgment in the firefighters case. The poor procedures still have not been improved. Has the city’s poor planning and poor procedures contributed to the land/water problems currently in the news?


Jim Carlson


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