Reader Opinion: Primary time


Primary, meaning: “of most importance” or “first in a process.” This primary election is truly like that. We are at a tipping point in this nation and in the history of the world. For this nation it is the last hurrah for any chance of saving our democracy from total domination by an oligarchy of economic elites. For the world it is about making a major shift away from the prevailing system that has consistently depleted the survival systems of the planet to create wealth for a dominating few while devaluing the population of the globe into an expendable resource.

For the human race to survive we must change direction to replace our established systems to meet the planetary and human survival needs. As Naomi Klein put it “there is no more road to kick the can down.” We are past the time for incremental change or half-measures, and those who suggest otherwise are simply self-serving. They are willing to continue to mortgage the future of our children, grandchildren and human generations to come to finance their obscene standards of living.

First, if you hope to have any significant candidate to support in the presidential election in November, if you understand that major changes are necessary to deal with the dual existential threats to our great heritage of democracy as a beacon for the world and to the very survival of the human species on this planet, then you must vote now. This cannot simply be a vote for who you personally like but must be for the candidate who has the courage to make those necessary major changes.

Make your vote a vote to take back our democracy and a vote in hopes of saving future generations with action and significant change.

Time for responsible citizenship.


Bob Passi


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