Reader Opinion: Priorities and choices

Democrat members of Congress are well known for “bringing home the bacon” (pork) to lure ag workers into the ballot box.

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I'd like to reach out to my fellow Minnesotans, patriots, brothers and sisters who make a living in various agriculture endeavors.

Traveling throughout our state, I've noticed countless signs along (mostly) rural ag properties that say things like, “Vote Life” or “Protect the Unborn.”

It caused me to wonder about priorities and choices. The signs I mentioned are pretty specific regarding certain choices and priorities, after all.

I wondered just how many of these good people, in spite of their publicly displayed proclamations, continue to vote for Democrats, particularly at the national level.

After all, Democrat members of Congress are well known for “bringing home the bacon” (pork) to lure ag workers into the ballot box to check a “D.”


By bacon, of course, I refer to the government subsidies, incentive planting/harvesting programs, and/or other means of congressional pork.

Because if that's your motivation, your rationale, I urge you to reconsider your support, since that party, at all levels of government, doesn't support “Voting Life” or “Protecting the Unborn.”

Plus, if that were not already bad enough, the Democrat party would prefer you to have less control over your operations every year.

How many Democrats are secretly supporting the acquisition of your land in order to turn it over to Communist Chinese interests? Just look at North Dakota, where Chinese interests are buying up land conveniently located near one of our national, strategic air defense bases.

And then there's the pressure to introduce experimental mRNA genetics into animal feeds and into crop seeds themselves. And forcing the introduction of lab-grown “meat” and petri dish reproduction. Thinking you are God's equal is deadly foolish.

If you fall into this category, I urge you, please, follow your heart, follow God's commandments, and withdraw your support for these anti-life, anti-American policies.

Tony Bauer


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