Reader Opinion: Private citizen Trump


Private citizen Trump literally put his name on the people’s White House South Lawn, treating it like his Trump properties, using enormous, brilliantly lit yard signs, and an equally luminescent White House, touting “Trump-Pence” as part of his acceptance speech, justifying strong ethical and legal condemnation.

This treasure belongs to all Americans, all generations of now passed-on Americans and all generations of yet-to-come Americans. It is not Trump’s to use for Trump’s infamous “me purposes” selling Trump’s toxic personality and its corrosive, American life poisoning by-products.

It is Trump’s way loudly to proclaim his name, not America’s, on what is not his to name, like pandemic relief checks from the American people to the American people, and like his face in perpetuity on America’s shrine, Mount Rushmore, in Trump’s civility-less, crudity-speak.

Monuments representing personalities and historical events are eye-opening gateways, important “symbols” of history commemorating a personality or the accomplishments of a time to enable posterity to enter through and behold the past again and again.

What Trump does not want to monument or take responsibility for, not unlike the several devastating to others bankruptcy wreckages he left behind, is the divided America Trump, not Biden, has incitingly led America into, the almost 200,000 pandemic deaths America has neglectfully suffered and the deepening epidemic of America’s moral decay, all on Trump’s, not Biden’s, watch.


Trump is a lawless, authoritarian politician.There is no order in the turmoil of his chaotic mind leading Americans in their dying-by-Trump democracy. Respect for American law and honoring of American order are weighty words Trump attempts to steal from the clearly stated, restorative vision of the inclusive, normalized, dignified, exemplary democracy offered by the civil American law and respectful order of Biden, not the divided, repressive, despotic darkness of a Trump unleashed.

John Erickson


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