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Several bills have been passed by the Legislature.

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Here is an excerpt from Representative Heintzeman weekly update: “Democrats have yet to pass any bills that improve or even address public safety. Instead, they continue to go easy on criminals while doing nothing for victims.” Here is a list of public safety bills offered by the DFL during this session which disprove his statement.

These bills have passed into law.

HF 30 makes it difficult to steal and resell catalytic converters. Heintzeman voted no. HF 55 creates an office for missing and murdered Black women and girls which is authorized to issue grants, and requires the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to operate a missing person alert program. Heintzeman voted no.

HF 111 makes it a crime to covertly invade an individual’s privacy (surreptitious intrusions) under or around a person's clothing. Bipartisan support, passed unanimously.

HF 33 provides funding to the Attorney General for enhanced criminal enforcement. Heintzeman voted no.


These bills have bipartisan support and are moving through committees.

HF 686 authorizes the use of tracking devices during stolen vehicle investigations.

HF 699 authorises enforcement of judicially ordered firearms restrictions for abusing parties and pertains to child abuse cases.

HF 1370 makes it a crime for nonconsensual dissemination of deep fake sexual images.

These bills are also moving through committees.

HF 14 requires criminal background checks for firearm transfers.

HF 25 establishes violent crime investigation teams throughout the state, provides grants for crime and violence prevention, evidence processing technology and crisis response teams.

HF 803 provides clarification for enhanced sentences for kidnapping offenses.


Obviously Representative Heintzeman’s statement is not true. As for supporting victims, HF 55 does just that but it should be noted that Heintzeman voted against it. Perhaps our representative should pay more attention to what is happening at the Capitol.

Sally Boos


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