Reader Opinion: Questioning motives

It's not in any conservatives best interest to have John Ward on your side.

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The recent letter to the editor penned by John Ward attempts to draw attention to the motives and actions of soon to be former State Sen. Carrie Ruud and her level of support for those running for office.

The first question that comes to mind is why would a liberal like Ward want to draw attention to anything a Republican would do.

Ward also looked to draw attention to Ruud's history but failed to mention her most recent history where she couldn't secure the endorsement of the party or even 25% of it. When she failed to secure support from the party she left the building.

He also left out her expectation that the now endorsed candidate, Justin Eichorn, should pack up his family and move away just so she would be the chosen one. Ward drew attention to her not supporting her teammates but rather an unendorsed candidate. Her inability to be a team player was well documented when she literally had her "teammates" thrown out of the Senate when they came to talk to her about legislation. Her current actions opposing the will of the people shows her true colors and it is quite unbecoming of the senator.

I also would point out, it's not in any conservatives best interest to have John Ward on your side. If he is trying to help you like this you might want to question his motives.


Also John, we live in a Republic, there is no democracy to save.

Forest W. Hyatt

Crow Wing County Republican Chair

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