Reader Opinion: Quinn for Congress


As a healthcare provider, every day I see people deciding between optimum versus affordable medical treatments. We need a representative who cares deeply about making health care affordable. Quinn Nystrom is running for Congress because she pays over $1,000 out of pocket monthly for insulin to keep herself alive. Quinn knows that the biggest reason some lawmakers are unwilling to address our broken system is because of the money they take from pharmaceutical and health insurance corporate PACs. That’s why she pledged to reject all corporate PAC money.

Prescription drug prices and affordable health care are issues that affect all Americans and can even further disproportionately affect rural communities. Nobody should have to decide between buying groceries or a lifesaving medication. With Quinn Nystrom as our Congresswoman for Minnesota’s 8th district, I’m confident we can start working towards much-needed changes to our health care system.

Jessica Tabatt


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