Reader Opinion: Radical left

We must come back to God who created us and has brought us through so far.


Life as I knew it is changing rapidly influenced by the radical left who would change our country to something we will not know.

My thoughts go back to our founding fathers who came to realize religious freedom and in most cases to escape the influence of socialism and rulers who would crush them to conformance to their totalitarianism. If I could look out upon the seas they had crossed at great expense often giving everything they had to escape to America a place they saw as refuge and freedom of religion. I can smell the sea air they breathed in their escape, they often landed here with nothing, only the chance to make a new life.

I have traveled and fought in some of these places often putting my life on the line.

I have no intent to sit still and not stand against this division that is overtaking our country. We must join together to stop this before it is too late, it matters not our political persuasion but to rid this country of those who fund and support this deviation from the foundersโ€™ intent.

We must come back to God who created us and has brought us through so far. I see a great revival coming in the very near future so I challenge all to come back to the rock of our salvation now!


Reunite with our brothers and sisters now and throw out those who would change us to sheep and herd us down a road we do not want to go.

Praise God and get on your knees now without delay the time is short. No more following false ideals but seek God's will.

Daryl Bahma


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