Reader Opinion: RBG


Ruth Bader Ginsberg was and still is a gift to democracy and women, that keeps on giving. People need to study her life and the things she did to empower women. She was a true leader, someone to aspire to be. It does not matter what your path is, if you have money or not, it matters if you have empowered others along the way. Her tenacity was, and is, inspiring. This administration is intent on destroying this, it is hard to imagine, there are people still who do not recognize damage and destruction when they are hit in the face with it, nearly every day! God, Trump and Guns, verses equality and pathways in life, seems like a very easy choice for me, but not without pain! Closing off knowledge only harms people and our hope of a true Democracy! Prayers were not stopped in schools, forcing kids to pray was. It is so simple to be a truth seeker and study our history and learn from it, except people would have to inventory their own lives and prejudices to grow and learn. Yes, lives matter, diversity matters, willingness to learn matters. I still stand truly amazed that people choose ignorance over spiritual growth and a true democracy, yet it is in our face every day. God help us. This is not a political letter, my words are about our humanity to each other!

Deb Halsted


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