Reader Opinion: Reason to savor 2021

We may find a nice outlook toward winter with a kinder eye to view the possible.


With the solstice now passed and each day bringing more sun, this pre-Spring season can lift to lighten our outlook.

While we may shudder, shiver and shudder now, there are comforts to be found with the layering of clothing.

And as the kitchen ramps to a waypoint, the oven and stove gain acclaim with their roasting and simmering abilities.

The achievements of aroma and added warmth with humidity optimize the inside environ.

Were we to have a winter angling contest, soups and sauces would likely be flavored quarry. Their stringer-mates might be both chilis and chowders, lending luring appeal. Their rigging could be simple and sustaining, sweet or savory, smooth or chunky, meaty or veggie.


For those folks that combine skill with optimism, there can be gifts with deeper and longer lasting benefits; including a willingness to try shaping setbacks toward better outcomes – smaller and larger – nearer and farther.

We could become better agile and less fragile by:

  • Organizing stuff and ridding ourselves of something keeping us down or holding us back.

  • Making plans to make an effort and making an effort to make a plan.

  • Writing something down and putting a date on it for future reference.

  • And learning to cast better and to troll both shallow and deeper for something less familiar. Perhaps within an existing interest, something adjacent, or even outside what we think our wheelhouse allows.

Admitting to ourselves and to another how anger may not have always served us well.
Doing something kind for another outside of our sphere, without expectation of recognition, reward or reciprocity.

Not giving up. Trying again.

Extending encouragement toward others and toward ourselves.

We may find a nice outlook toward winter with a kinder eye to view the possible.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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