Reader Opinion: Resistance


The latest ploy by the Communist left is to suddenly pretend to care about Christian values, thereby furthering their attempts to destroy the substantive bedrocks of America's Judeo-Christian society.

The left has been very successful in controlling the narrative in America, and have advanced their agenda through boldly reshaping common language.

We have allowed them to redefine sexuality, gender, marriage, climate, and justice and so much more.

This has to stop.

Since Pope Francis has recently urged Catholics to embrace worldly values, and has spoken about sexuality, infidelity and paganism issues as somehow confusing, the left now wishes to portray themselves as Christian.


Make no mistake: there is no confusion in God's word about homosexuality and false idols.

Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Thou shalt not have false idols before thee.

As they advance their efforts to control the dialogue, we most certainly will hear how it is now a Christian duty to embrace sodomy, social justice and paganism, along with worshiping the environment.

In Francis, they now have the perfect spokesman for their perverted ideology.

In my opinion, Pope Francis is an apostate and a Marxist. And there is no room whatsoever for the true God in a Marxist's world.

I'm sorry to anger or offend my Catholic friends, but I urge them to resist.

Resist is a word the left is very familiar with. But we must resist them. We must resist this Pope. We must resist his efforts to shape the Church to earthly endeavors. We must resist the left's determination to control the language we use.


And we must resist efforts to loosen our faith in the Lord, our God.

Tony Bauer


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