Reader Opinion: Running amuck


I see that Representative Stauber supports Trump's rollback of protections of waterways by the EPA. Really? In Minnesota, a water rich state, 56% of our waters are impaired. So now nitrates, forever chemicals, sulfides, whatever can work their way into our life giving water. So pollution of our air and water doesn't matter. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We want people to represent us who aren't toadies to the company line, Pete. We want independent free thinkers who represent us and our legitimate concerns no matter the party affiliation

This should be a new campaign slogan for Stauber: "Pete is for pollution, price gouging, everything that Trump and company support, but not for you and I.โ€

In other words, capitalism run amuck. Thanks for nothing, Pete.

Dan Wilm

Pequot Lakes

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