Reader Opinion: Save America's heritage

The truth that radical progressives obsessed with cultivating “woke minds” represents the greatest threat to civilization.

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The April 17 Dispatch letter “Bare-knuckle politics” epitomizing the pot calling the kettle black, struggling with which came first, the chicken or the egg, ignored overwhelming evidence that restoring American society requires saving America’s heritage.

Recounting reactions to Floridians living life unencumbered by tyrannical rule, the article “Liberals Can’t Be This Stupid, Can They?” by Townhall columnist Derek Hunter, who wrote, “I’ve never seen a state so hated for simply doing well. Governor Ron DeSantis refused to shut down the state, refused to force people to wear face diapers, refused to require people to get injections – in other words, he trusted the people to know what is best for themselves. This is the antithesis of progressive government, where some bloated politician with an inflated sense of self-worth insists they know what’s best for everyone else, seizes the power to impose it, then doesn’t follow those rules themselves.”

In another letter to the editor, “Many misunderstand socialism” in the Duluth News Tribune, the author used an altruistic definition and a smorgasbord of government provided choices to create the illusion of being for the “people” — a typical tactic to inhibit analysis of facts and truths regarding evils of humanity always invited by socialism and its corollary, communism. Another tactic used was implying truth is a matter of opinion as long only pre-approved experts are consulted. And yet a third tactic used was redirecting responsibility, blaming guns for increased crime, contradicting the fact triggers don’t pull themselves.

The truth that radical progressives obsessed with cultivating “woke minds” represents the greatest threat to civilization, makes imperative voting against all Democrats to save all the things the letter cites as being jeopardized, democracy, civility, morality, avoiding tyranny, and unifying America under God — America’s heritage.

Warner Gouin


Inver Grove Heights

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