Reader Opinion: Save Hurrle Hall

Let a buyer restore, reuse, and save Hurrle Hall which will benefit Little Falls.

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We need to work really hard to keep historic buildings standing in Little Falls. Hurrle Hall is in danger at the present time as the number of Franciscan Sisters is declining and they don't think that they need Hurrle Hall so want to demolish it. Two buyers have come forth who are interested in purchasing Hurrle Hall which would help both the sisters and the city. Demolition is expensive, like over $1 million, for this property, and bad for the environment. The sisters wouldn't have to pay for the demolition and all the hazardous waste costs. The city wants more housing, there it is, just waiting for the buyers to use their skills and make Hurrle Hall shine and reusable. What a win-win situation. From the City of Little Falls website it says, "the Heritage Preservation Commission primary purpose is work on the preservation and protection of buildings and lands having a special historical, cultural or aesthetic interest or value with the City of Little Falls." Why was an approval given at the last HPC meeting? Please let the buyer restore, reuse, and save Hurrle Hall which will benefit Little Falls.

Kevin Maciej

Long Beach, Washington

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