Reader Opinion: Second Amendment sanctuary


It seems most people think that freedom depends on our Founding Fathers' diligence in putting in place the Second Amendment and the statement "Shall not be infringed".

We must thank Michael Starry for his efforts to get our county commissioners to pass the sanctuary dedicated county amendment. There are thousands of voters who support this amendment, although a few seem to follow the liberal stance such as the March 19 Reader Opinion letter and would oppose our rights.

We must continue our fight to ensure our rights and not be subjected to mislead attempts to remove them with red flag confiscation, removal of our freedom to conduct sales of our legally purchased firearms, and adding restrictive background checks for person to person sales.

Contact our county commissioners and let them know that their re-election could hinge on their yes vote for Crow Wing County being added to the growing number of other counties that have passed this amendment..

Daryl Bahma



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