Reader Opinion: SEED causes division

All children should feel accepted unfortunately the SEED program merely causes more division.


Myself as well as a number of parents are very disheartened with where the Pequot Lakes School District is headed. You promote the SEED teacher training as a form of unity and inclusiveness within our district, however, if you go to their website it seems SEED focuses more on “white privilege” and “male privilege” than it does acceptance and inclusiveness. How can a program that states whites need to see themselves as an oppressor regardless of their individual morality, promote unity? All this program does is categorize our children and cause more division just like the superintendent’s video did. This type of teacher training also allows for teachers who have taken it to openly discuss their disdain for the white Christian community? The dishonestly in our school district is another cause for concern, when we are told that this program is not reoccurring only to find out it is, that the teachers are not paid to take it only to find out they’ve been paid a total of $87,500 in stipends and, finally, when we are told our schools academic success has not been depleted due to the districts shift to teaching equity. After the superintendent wrote an article in the Echo Journal stating that he feels our students need to learn to get along with others and not say inappropriate things as much as than they need to learn academics in order to be successful, parents went to the state’s website only to find out our children are scoring at 63% or below in Reading, Math, and Science and have been declining steadily the last four years since this equity program began. All children should feel accepted unfortunately the SEED program merely causes more division, it's time to find a truly inclusive program.

Mariah Hines

Breezy Point

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