Reader Opinion: Sensible change necessary

The state of Minnesota should lower the age cap on fishing licenses considerably lower.

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How many of you fishermen have wanted to take an elderly friend or neighbor fishing only to be told by them, “Can’t, I don’t have a license.” How many of you know there is an age cap for needing a fishing license in Minnesota? That cap is 90 years old. That’s right, 90!

I think most would agree how ridiculous a law this is. How many 85-90 year olds even own a boat or fish house any more let alone have the ability to use it? Typically their only opportunities lie with the goodwill of friends and relatives a couple times a year. This rule is an embarrassment and a real slap in the face. Really, in a state that prides itself on its lakes and the sport of fishing?

Most elderly sportsmen and sportswomen have likely each paid thousands of dollars in license fees over their lifetime. The state should reward them with an age cap considerably lower instead of punishing them when they can’t afford to go with a friend and continue to enjoy a sport they loved all their life.

I urge you to contact a legislator and let’s get this fixed.

Lance Hanfler



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