Reader Opinion: Separate but equal


One Minnesota is the motto Governor Walz campaigned on when he was running to be the governor of Minnesota and he has since revamped that motto to be Minnesota run by one man, himself.

We are now up to six special sessions during which the Democrat controlled Minnesota House of Representatives have made the choice to essentially turn over their election certificates to the governor and said nope you got this we don’t want to be responsible.

What is the point of having a separate but equal branch of the government if they will not do the job?

Several times the Republicans have tried and voted to take away the emergency powers that Governor Walz claims to need but without support from the DFL the powers remain in effect.

I believe COVID-19 is a dangerous illness, regardless of how survivable it is and regardless of how few people get the worst case scenario version of it. We need to take it seriously and protect the people the best way we can but having a dictator in the governor’s office is not the best way to do that. It begins with personal responsibility not with someone controlling how we live our daily lives. We elect numerous people to be our voice but one man has chosen to take away those voices and with the support of his party continues to silence the others.


People need to push back against the emergency powers and tell the governor to stop being a dictator and allow the separate but equal branch to be equal.

Kenneth Toole


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