Reader Opinion: Setting the record straight


Months of a Reader Opinion writer’s spiteful, dishonest comments directed toward President Trump must be answered. For example, the writer criticized the president’s withdrawal of support from the Kurds. Trump drove ISIS bankrupt within months of taking office (novel approach). Under Trump’s direction, the U.S. backed Kurdish fighters (PKK and Peshmerga) to deal with remaining ISIS fighters. Peshmerga is a geo-political group loyal to the Kurds. PKK was founded by the Soviet KGB in the 80s to undermine Turkey and is a communist group. After ISIS was defeated, the PKK remained loyal to Putin so the president pulled support from PKK while still supporting the Peshmerga. President Trump has kept soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines out of harm's way while advancing American interests in the Middle East. Trump has supported our friends and allies and confronted our enemies. For example, Trump is not sending pallets of cash to Iranian mullahs like Biden/Obama did.

The writer criticized the president's handling of the COVID crises. Checking the Congressional Record, the Democrat led House Intel subcommittee never worked COVID between November 2019 and February of 2020. Yet the subcommittee is responsible for the oversight and funding of the nation’s Intelligence gathering efforts. Our only protection against COVID during this time was due to actions taken by Trump. Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress were totally focused on impeaching the President, wasting valuable time and resources that should have been dedicated to fighting COVID. Pelosi and Biden even criticized Trump for restricting travel with China! These are but two examples of President Trump displaying sound judgement and his commitment to MAGA. President Trump deserves your support.

Paul Cibuzar


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