Reader Opinion: Show some respect


Respect our elected officials. We have elected many people to represent us in various forms of public office and while we may not always agree with what they believe in it is important that we still show them respect.

We have asked our elected officials to do a job, you may not have voted for them, but they have been duly elected by the people. You may disagree with their position and if you do, then debate them on the issues and do not ever attack their families.

I recently saw a video posted on Facebook of a lobbyist verbally attacking the 6-year-old son of Representative Heintzeman. This is something that is completely uncalled for. This is something that should never be done. This is something that no one, no matter what political persuasion, should tolerate.

Many people talk about the character of the people who run for office and their wealth or position and how good and decent people do not run for office. This attack on a family member of an elected official is a prime example of why people do not run for office.

Please take a moment and thank those who have accepted the roles we the people have put them in and be good to them. Also remember they don’t have to agree with you and just because they don’t doesn’t make them wrong or bad people.


Kenneth Toole


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