Reader Opinion: Sick and tired

Vote this November like your safety, your freedoms, and your children are on the line.

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Our cities burned, yet our governor refused to act, and the attorney general supports defunding the police, while the secretary of state illegally changes election law.

Walz shut down churches and family businesses, yet abortion clinics stayed open.

Haven't you had enough?

Our county board has grown “tired of hearing from” concerned citizens who politely but firmly asked them to confirm our voting system is all it's claimed to be. They spent hundreds of thousands on outdated software, but believe hand counting ballots is too expensive.

We have a senile puppet in DC inching us closer to nuclear war to hide his family corruption. We have the highest inflation on record and may face unprecedented food shortages while energy independence becomes history.


Aren't you tired of it?

Educators point to increased student mental health issues, while simultaneously advocating sexual dysphoria and genital mutilation.

Students do not know who attacked us on 9/11, but know who the TikTok Influencers are.

Sure, they've heard of Martin Luther King, but don't know the difference between equality and equity. They've been taught to view everyone through the destructive lens of race.

Instead of educating students, schools have created militant activists, imploring children to stand up, resist and confront perceived oppression even where there may be none.

Radical educators demand guns be confiscated because of increased school shootings when in reality, schools long ago quit teaching critical thinking, conflict resolution and mediation and are merely seeing violent reactions from kids educated to have short fuses and to reject differing viewpoints.

Aren't you sick of it? How much more of this can America stand?

Don't ignore the realities. The days of pretending it isn't so are over.


Vote this November like your safety, your freedoms, and your children are on the line.

Because they are.

Tony Bauer


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The people have voted and have made their decisions as to who best represents them on the Brainerd School Board, so let all of those newly-elected people make this decision on the strategic plan.
There can be benefit from earlier teachings of compassion, not only to a wider community, but to ourselves; as we are, as we were and as we will become.
Based on the financial straits the Brainerd School District is currently experiencing, it would be better for everyone if the district were shopping for a consultant to assist them with a fiscal plan, not a strategic plan.
That is what the Shriners Clubs and members do. They help handicapped children and their families receive medical care to improve their lives and make a positive impact in their lives.