Reader Opinion: Something needs to be done

The country cannot tolerate another two years of this incompetent regime.

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When does the insanity stop? Gas at $5 a gallon and going higher! Record levels of inflation. There are procedures for replacing an incompetent and apparently ill president. He just fell on the steps of Air Force One again the other day. Good thing he is not carrying the briefcase with the “button”! Could go off by accident!

Putting the blame on oil companies for high prices is a good Liberal talking point but the truth is they gave them the reason to charge more by regulating the supply! He obviously did not learn anything about economics during his 40 plus years in the Senate!

The country cannot tolerate another two years of this incompetent regime! We will be the equivalent of a third world country begging for baby formula and food! Something needs to be done and done quickly!

G. Boehmer


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