Reader Opinion: Stay home, read the news


First of all, thank you for the straight forward reporting of the information about COVID-19.

In the March 27 issue, there was an impressive ad from the Brainerd Dispatch encouraging us to “Stay Home. Read the News.”

Trying to maintain a little normalcy in this transition to the new normal, reading the daily newspaper is a part of my daily routine. However, my newspaper is getting smaller and smaller. I endured a significant increase in the subscription rate last fall, and now I am asking you to add some substance to my daily newspaper.

Your article on the Spanish flu pandemic was very interesting and informative. There may be other events that could be chronicled in the daily paper. Many years ago, (roughly 65), the Sioux City Journal printed chapters from books. There have been some interesting events in the Brainerd or Fargo-Moorhead area. Perhaps some of them could be reprinted. This is the centennial for women’s suffrage. Let’s read about events leading up to the adoption of that amendment and/or some of the notable women in northern Minnesota. Now is the time to be creative.

In the meanwhile, keep up the good work.


Gerry Ruda

Long Prairie

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