Reader Opinion: Support a LGA increase

Under current law Brainerd will receive $4,698,101 in in local government aid in 2024. If proposed legislation becomes law Brainerd would receive $5,713,415.

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The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) has spearheaded legislation that would greatly benefit many communities in rural Minnesota, including Brainerd. Local Government Aid (LGA) is designed to help equalize Minnesota cities’ ability to provide basic services. The CGMC has been leading an effort to revise the formula used to calculate LGA and to increase the appropriation. House File 1377 includes a revision of the formula used to calculate a city’s need, a $150 million increase in the appropriation, and factors that deal with the effects of inflation and population growth. Senate File 1828 has identical provisions. The revised formula was the result of an extensive and rigorous review by a group that included nonpartisan House and Senate staff and staff from the Department of Revenue. The formula objectively evaluates a city’s need and compares that to a city’s ability to meet that need (city tax base multiplied by a statewide average city tax rate). Under current law Brainerd will receive $4,698,101 in 2024. If the legislation becomes law Brainerd would receive $5,713,415. This increase in LGA may mean the city can lower its tax rate, resulting in a decrease in business and residential property taxes. At the very least it will lessen pressure to raise business and residential property taxes to fund needed increases in the city budget. Please take the time to contact your state senator and representatives and ask that they support this common-sense legislation. Here is their contact information:

Rep. Ben Davis (House District 6A): 651-296-0172, email:

Rep. Josh Heintzeman (House District 6B): 651-296-4333, email:

Sen. Justin D. Eichorn (Senate District 6): 651-296-7079

Thank you for helping make rural Minnesota a great place to live, work, and raise a family.


Rick Blake

Grand Rapids

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