Reader Opinion: Support Black Lance

Charles Black Lance is what we need to help our community prosper and grow.

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I’d like to show my support for Charles Black Lance for Brainerd School Board. Charles, in my opinion, has been a champion for our students both in and outside the classrooms. I got to know Charles personally when I was a student at Central Lakes College. I worked for him at that time as a work-study for TRIO. Throughout my time at the college it became evident to me just how passionate Charles was/is about the work he does to help students succeed in our community. To create a strong future for our community we must think about how we are molding our future leaders. Charles is what we need to help our community prosper and grow. I usually don't write letters like this and stay out of local politics as much as possible, but when given the opportunity to express my support it was logical to do this.

Vincent E. Reed


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