Reader Opinion: Support for storage condos


I read the article on the storage unit situation. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Houge. In fact, now there will be even more traffic. Since this will be developed into monthly storage units. Renters coming and going month to month. Not caring about the property or the rental units. Now what’s going to be built is a bunch of tin sheds, instead of high end units, called storage condos.

I wrote in a letter of support explaining that these high end storage condos will be owned and carried for by the owners. They come get their boats/campers, etc. in the spring and return them in the fall. So we would potentially have 150 more cars/trucks using the road per year. Hardly anything that anyone would notice.

I am a property owner on Pelican as well very close to this development on Ross Point Road. I see nothing wrong with the idea of selling the units so that people take care of them. I don’t really want to see a bunch of tin sheds built though!

Micke Juillerat

Elk River

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