Reader Opinion: Support law and order

Individuals who have acted improperly protesting the Line 3 replacement project need to be reprimanded by the appropriate legal process.

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Over the past few years, I have closely followed the Line 3 replacement project by attending local public hearings and even testifying in St. Paul.

During this process, I have observed protests that have attempted to intimidate, threaten and interrupt the orderly process of these meetings. The protests continued to the construction sites by threatening workers and damaging property. Their premise was that they were “water protecters'' but their actions were potentially law-breaking, which should have held them accountable for the misdeeds that took place.

These individuals, who have acted improperly, need to be reprimanded by the appropriate legal process. Public safety personnel have made every effort to keep our communities safe. Everyone should support our system of law and order and support any effort to bring these disorderly people to justice.

Fred Hage

Cass County

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