Reader Opinion: Support the Second Amendment


The desire for a resolution declaring Crow Wing a Second Amendment dedicated county goes beyond firearms, “gun culture” and the perception that this is a right versus left or GOP versus DFL fight.

The movement for a resolution is about due process because due process matters to us, as it should to anyone who respects the Constitution and understands that it is a limit on government, not the citizenry.

If the state and federal legislatures are willing to negate the right of due process, force you to give up your personal property without a trial, without facing your accuser, and require you to prove your innocence after the fact while you have firearms, what rights will they infringe upon once you are disarmed? Once due process is gone, they can impose laws limiting all inherent rights under the guise of “protecting you” from some other harm or fear, real, perceived, or imaginary.

This isn’t just about the right to keep and bear arms. This resolution is about local government defending the right of due process and the right to be free from illegal search and seizure, all of which are clearly defined in the U.S. and Minnesota constitutions.

These natural rights are under attack at the state and federal level, so we are asking our local elected representation to pass a resolution declaring Crow Wing County will not allocate county resources to enforcement of these unconstitutional laws regarding firearms now, so we don’t lose all of our rights later.


All rights matter. If one is taken now, they can all be taken later. To prevent this loss of liberty, we humbly request the county board pass a resolution defending the Second Amendment, in order to protect all of our inherent rights.

Liberty or Death!

Michael Starry


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