Reader Opinion: Support Ward

John Ward has dedicated his life to the service of others.

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John Ward and I, among others, started the Brainerd adaptive floor hockey team in 1995. This sport allows students with disabilities to participate on a team. I’ll never forget the first day of practice. Most of us hadn’t handled a hockey stick nor understood the fundamentals of hockey. A year later John was able to coach this team so well, even against teams that had been in the conference for over 30 years, we took second in state. I’ve since learned after 25 years the Brainerd team had the longest winning streak. This is only one of John’s legacies. He’s advocated for students, teachers and residents of Minnesota for over 50 years. There is no question about who can provide the best future for your children. John has dedicated his life to the service of others. Let John keep doing what he’s always done by supporting him on election day.

Lindsay Lewis-Beers

Kansas City, Kansas

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