Reader Opinion: Talented teachers


Members of the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club were treated to an informative presentation by two talented instructors of the STEM program (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). At our annual dinner-meeting in Nisswa their enthusiasm revealed dedication to our young people exploring individual and collective potential. In fact, Cory Olson and Jim Reed had the ham radio operators fired up enough to ask where they can sign up for such programs -- many long retired. These listeners were ready to learn new skills, wishing they were back in junior and senior high school with these talented leaders.

For example, their students learned high-altitude ballooning, meteorology and cooperation skills, to name just a few subjects. Some members of this community followed their round-the-world balloon flight via the Internet. These and other educational opportunities prepare them for exciting careers.

By the way, Olson and Reed recently were honored by Samsung Corporation for their past work and future endeavors. It made me think how lucky District 181 is to employ them; surely they could have far more rewards elsewhere. For now, I am thankful they contribute meaningfully to this educational system.

Watch for new and exciting news about them and their students at Forestview in state and national media.

M. Fritz Bertelt



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