Reader Opinion: Tampering with the mail


With alarms seeming to be going off nonstop, we are at peril of sensory overload. The newer siren of threats to the United States Postal Service has a discernible frequency that penetrates closer to the bone.

As reported in the Brainerd Dispatch, and other news outlets, there may be calculated covert efforts by upper echelons of politically appointed officials to purposefully tamper with the mail to hinder it in its timeliness of processing and deliveries.

While the USPS has long been the target of complaints, some hyped and some real, its value to our country has been sustaining. And certainly we are best served by an agency that is well operated and managed.

The allegations are that there is a concerted campaign afoot to cause deliberate disruptions, some claiming to the potential disadvantage in handling ballots.

Our president has made alarming statements about voting fraud with mailed ballots. Others counter that his claims do not ring true and lack substantive merit.


It can be difficult to best know where to place trust. Instead there may be a balance as a citizen to shoulder responsibilities to a similar degree that we assert our rights.

Supporting and funding our local news providers may be as important as doing the same for our local first responders.

Threats to our security and wellness should be investigated, reported and, if with merit, pursued and prosecuted.

Tampering with the mail is a federal offense with harsh penalties. If done for self-serving reasons, it is more egregious.

With Democrats being criticized for bringing a Frisbee to a firefight and Republicans seemingly transfixed on a spinning object, partisan politicking has no place using the USPS for culprits to connive.

Going postal may have a new connotation.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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