Reader Opinion: Thanks, American Legion


Brainerd American Legion Post 255 on Sept. 21 voted unanimously not to televise any Vikings NFL football games this season where any Vikings personnel and players choose not to stand and honor the flag during the playing of the national anthem.

Makes you wonder how many of these NFL (prima donna) players who make, in most cases, millions a year when twisting a knee or spraining an ankle are placed on a $15,000 ATV, taken to the lockers to have their personal trainer check them out, and the fans say, "What are we going to do now? So-and-so's out!"

Ever think of our young service personnel on the battlefield who are carried off the field in pieces or in body bags, who fight for you and me, country and that flag?

I, for one, certainly thank and respect the Brainerd Legion to take this stand for our colors. Let's hope a few other service posts and veterans show them some support.

Far too many great people have fought and died for our country and that flag, and it's not to be used as a political tool by anyone.


Jack Schmidt

Pequot Lakes

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