Reader Opinion: Thanks to our firefighters

The work firefighters do is most appreciated and well worth the taxes we all pay

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On Monday, June 6,, I called the Brainerd Fire Department to put out a fire which burned my riding lawn tractor to the ground. This is the first time in my life I have ever called upon a fire department for assistance and want the responders to know the work they do is most appreciated and well worth the taxes we all pay to our city. In particular I would like to recognize Mr. Cory Zeien who was first on the scene as he caught our 911 call for assistance and took his personal vehicle to my residence, brought his own fire extinguisher, and began reducing the flames until the fire engine arrived. As my driveway was blocked by the mower, the firefighters also assisted me by loading it onto my trailer. Many thanks to each of those firefighters.

Greg Den Herder


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